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Arico: Tales From the Abyss


Foxter Studio / Drakhar Studio

( Based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain )



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"Arico: Tales From the Abyss" is a 3D metroidvania adventure with a strong emphasis on exploration. As "The Explorer," your quest will lead you deep into the Abyss, where the secrets of a forgotten civilization await your discovery, revealing the events that led to its enigmatic demise.

With each descent from your settlement, you'll embark on a journey into the intricate labyrinth of the subterranean world. Each underground realm presents its own unique ambiance, inviting you to explore its mysteries. At the end of each day, you'll return to your base, where Arico, your loyal companion, eagerly awaits to hear the tales of your discoveries. As you recount your adventures, you'll also have the opportunity to enhance your equipment, preparing you for even deeper descents in the days to come.

Arico: Tales From the Abyss combines elements of exploration, resource management, puzzle solving and survival, proposing an immersive experience that will keep you engrossed as you discover the hidden mysteries that lie beneath the surface.


- 3D Metroidvania with a lot of backtracking and replayability.

- Resource management and character upgrades that increase the feeling of progress and survival.

- A unique and immersive world where each layer is different and focuses on the environmental narrative.

- A persistent world with a time system and events that change with the player's actions.

- Levels and challenges in each layer, with different puzzles, mechanics and unique secrets.

Studio Description

Foxter Studio is an independent videogame studio based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. Our team is formed by experienced developers with the same common goal of making the games we love to play.

"ARICO: Tales From the Abyss" is being developed thanks to a coproduction between Foxter Studio and Drakhar Studio.


The journey of creating "Arico: Tales From the Abyss" began when Alberto Sajeras and Mateo Costa embarked on the adventure of participating together in a Game Jam. Faced with the shared vision of developing a fun but realizable game for the tight deadlines, they reached out to Damian Fernández to help with his sound design to bring to life "Inner Demons", a fast-paced video game designed for quick and arcade-style gaming experiences. The game was well received, and in the process, both Mateo and Alberto realized not only how much they enjoyed collaborating but also the untapped potential within them. This realization ignited their drive to explore further ideas.


Both Alberto and Mateo had been working at Drakhar Studio, where they, alongside the team, had been developing games based on popular licenses such as "Paw Patrol" and "Hotel Transylvania," among others. However, their desire to create a game that not only entertained children but also resonated with their own gaming preferences gave them the impetus to embark on this new adventure.


At this juncture, Eduardo González, the owner of Foxter Studio, reached out to them. Eduardo was a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the gaming industry, particularly in education and game collectibles, spanning from vintage classics to modern releases. He had always harbored a dream of actively participating in the development of a video game. This dream, coupled with his existing friendship with Mateo and Alberto, propelled him to offer his unwavering support, from seeking financial backing to providing the essential resources needed to bring "Arico" to life.

With the backing secured, the trio approached Drakhar Studio, the company where Alberto and Mateo were employed. They proposed a unique collaboration: to subcontract a portion of the team with whom they were familiar to work for the development of "Arico: Tales From the Abyss", including themselves. The response was not only a resounding "yes" but also an eagerness to become investors, solidifying the partnership and ensuring that "Arico: Tales From the Abyss" would become a reality through their collective efforts.



If you have specific request, please do contact us!

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Development Team

Alberto Sajeras
Design Direction / Production / Narrative Design

Mateo Costa

Art Direction and Management / Generalist Artist / World Building

Eduardo Gonzalez

Finance Direction / Narrative Assistant

Damián Fernández

Audio Direction / Music

Daniel Villaverde

Programming Director

Jaime Huesa


Yurena Bartol Molina

Environment 3D Artist / VFX Assistant

Jose Manuel Rodríguez

Rigger / Implementation / VFX

Omar Nogueiras

Environment 3D Artist

Jesús Mas



Héctor Hernández Álvarez


Lucas Fernández Martínez


Plácido Fernández-Viagas Keysselitz

Tech Artist

Micaela Tonini Rojo

Junior Concept Artist


Esau Moreno Domínguez

Junior Level Designer

Joan Suris Valls

Junior 3D Artist

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez

Junior Concept Artist

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